Manpower & Recruitment


The NACE Benefit

The coatings industry is a highly technical field which requires skilled personnel to perform quality surface preparation and protective coatings application. The NACE coating inspection process checks the wind turbine equipment to ensure protective coatings were correctly applied and minimise corrosion risk. The focus is on corrosion control, paint application and inspection, project management, and quality assurance.

Reduce Construction Costs

ISO 12944 requirements for corrosion protection for new large offshore wind farms are extended to 25 years’ maintenance-free service lifetime. The objective is to reduce the offshore wind farm construction costs.

NACE Certified Inspections Services

  • Paint Inspections
  • Painting Works
  • Blade Cleaning
  • Blade Inspections and Repairs
  • Oxifree Bolt Inspection
  • Kemperol Waterproofing for Joints and Foundations